[D64 Editor]

Version 0.0351

RELEASED: November 28, 2016

CONTACT: info@d64editor.com

Back in November 1999 I started working on a Windows based D64 editing program since everything at the time such as 64Copy, Star Commander, etc.. was DOS based, so I wanted to do something different. Here is the result.

This program is not completely finished, not all of the features that I'd like are included yet. There may also be bugs that I have not found, but I've fixed all of the bugs I've found so far.

Here is a quick rundown on some of the features:

If all of this sounds pretty good to you, then please download and try the program. Be sure to read the readme.txt and version.txt included with the program. Also make sure you copy all 3 of the fonts into the %windows%\fonts directory. I'd recommend downloading just the executible file first, and if you get errors when trying to run it, then download the full setup program.

If you have previously installed and run the program, you do not need to download the full setup program with the VB5 runtime libraries again. Download just the Executible file below and unzip it into your current D64 Editor directory.

If you find this program to be useful, I welcome donations of any sort for the work I have put into this program.

If you'd like to send dollars, Please click the button below and donate via Paypal.

If you'd like to send me Bitcoin, you can send Bitcoin to 3JageXcdQGPUeY3QdKS4mWBNRQvbFuhL1k

Click here to download just the EXECUTIBLE FILE AND FONTS. Version 0.0351 (182k) - You will need to have the Visual Basic 5 runtime libraries installed to use this. If you don't have the VB5 runtime libraries, download the full setup program below.

Click here to download the FULL SETUP with the VB5 runtime libraries. Version 0.035 (1.95mb)

Full Source code for D64 Editor 0.035 - If you use any portion of my code in your own programs, or modify this program, you MUST release the source code for your program as per the GNU license.

File Layout Documentation - Peter Schepers' documentation on the layouts of many c64 filetypes. As of December 20, 2009. Or you can download them directly from Peter Schepers' webpage by clicking here.

The Fairlight DOCS Page - Lots of c64 related reference material.



GNU License

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